Fun Times, Great Drinks and Delicious Food Await You at Our Seafood Restaurant In Lantana!

When you go out for a meal, you’re looking for more than just food. If you just wanted to eat, you could cook something at home or go swing by the grocery store to grab something quick. Patrons at Lakeside Anchor Inn are here to have a couple drinks with friends, catch up, and enjoy some live music right off of the lake. It’s an experience.

Lakeside Anchor Inn offers family-friendly indoor seating, a tiki bar, and a sports bar, complete with outdoor seating. Whatever mood you’re in, you can drop by our seafood restaurant and oyster bar in Lantana knowing that you’re going to have a great time.

Our Food and Drink

From seafood to gator, bar favorites, and beyond, we are proud to offer the area’s most delicious and decidedly Floridian food and drink. Whether you’re popping by to grab a quick beer with your buddies or stopping in with the family for some delicious dining, Lakeside Anchor Inn is the place to be.

Our Atmosphere

As a combination restaurant, tiki bar, and sports bar, our local bar and hangout is the top choice of all the most fun-loving people we know. Bring your pals, or your family and kick back and relax in our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, while enjoying some of the area’s best food and drink. What could be better than that?

Our Story

Over the past few years, we have become a staple in town and we couldn’t be more proud. We love that every single day we get to see the friendly faces of both our regulars and our visitors (or as we like to call them, future regulars). We’re here to provide you with a place to chill out, whether it be after a long day at work or a relaxing day lakeside.

Stop in today and start enjoying your new favorite hangout. We’ll see you soon!