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There’s nothing like enjoying a night out with friends at your favorite local bar for happy hour. When you choose to go out, you want to find the best happy hour near you. You want the best drink specials, deals on appetizers, and an environment you can enjoy, whether that means a lively bar or quiet seating. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some tips to finding the best happy hour in West Palm Beach.

Continue reading to learn more and then visit the Lakeside Anchor Inn for the best happy hour in town. We are home of the $5 double, feature excellent appetizer specials, beer specials, and more. Our outdoor tiki bar or inside seating gives you the choice to enjoy your happy hour any way you like it. Visit us today for the best happy hour in West Palm Beach. 

Drink Specials

If you are looking for the best happy hour near you, the first thing you’re sure to check is the drink specials. I mean, what is happy hour without some good drinks, right? Isn’t that what makes happy hour so happy? When you are searching for the best happy hour in West Palm Beach, you want to ensure that the bar you choose has drink specials, shot specials, and beer specials, so that there is something perfect for you and your friends no matter what mood you happen to be in. 

Appetizer Specials

While you’re enjoying a few drinks at the best happy hour in town, you’re sure to want to have a snack. Happy hours with appetizer specials are ideal because you can choose to eat just a small amount in case you’re due home for dinner or order an entree with your discounted appetizer to make an entire meal. 

The Quality of the Drinks and Food

Enjoying an evening out with drink and appetizer specials with friends is a great way to spend the night, as long as the drinks and food are high-quality. You don’t want to go out just to find that the bar you have chosen serves mediocre food and weak drinks. Just because the food and drinks are discounted does not mean that they should be lower quality. 

Bar Environment

If you really want to find the best happy hour in West Palm Beach, you’ll look for one that has an indoor and outdoor area for you to enjoy with slightly different environments, so whether you’re in the mood to enjoy a busy bar environment or a quiet conversation, you can still partake in everything that their happy has to offer. This also gives you the choice of enjoying the sun and ocean breeze outside or the cool air conditioning inside. 


Any good happy hour bar will feature several televisions in the bar area. Whether your favorite sport is football, basketball, baseball, or Nascar, you want to be able to watch it during happy hour. 

Join the Lakeside Anchor Inn for the Best Happy Hour 

At the Lakeside Anchor Inn in Lantana Beach, we have amazing drink specials, appetizer specials, and indoor and outdoor seating. You can choose to enjoy our quiet indoor seating or our outside tiki bar. If you are looking for the best happy hour in West Palm Beach, the Lakeside Anchor Inn is the place to be.

We also have weekly events and specials and unbeatable deals during all Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday live football games. Our weekly events included:

  • Early Bird Specials

    • Mon-Fri, 4-7pm
    • Choose from 12 entrees with soup or salad, dessert, and a beverage
  • Monday Madness

    • 50% off all raw bar items
  • Taco & Tequila Tuesday With Karaoke

    • 8.95 taco specials
    • 50% off tequila
    • Karaoke starting at 6pm
  • Wing & Wing Wednesday With Trivia

    • 50% off wings
    • 50% off wine
    • $5 monkey in paradise drinks
    • Trivia starts at 7pm
  • Thirsty Thursday

    • 50% off all beer
    • $5 burger or chicken sandwich
  • Football Specials

    • Beer, liquor, shots, and food specials!

At Lakeside Anchor Inn at Lantana Beach you’ll find the best happy hour and the best specials in town. Stop by today to enjoy some of the best seafood in town as well as burgers, wings, and more! Join us at the Lakeside Anchor Inn for happy hour!