Written by Justin Gaynor

The Anchor Inn is the place to listen to great music from local artists and DJs.  We have been steadily working to offer our patrons the best in waterfront dining and entertainment.  Staying connected to the local music scene as we roll into 2021 has been met with a great response from all of our customers.  (Almost as positive a response as we’ve had to the recent bathroom renovations we had done by E.E.L. Renovations.  Do they look great or what?!?! )

We definitely want to be your number one choice for waterfront dining and entertainment here in Lake Worth / Lantana.  As we look forward to the New Year we want to celebrate the good times we’ve had alongside the great artists we’ve met in 2020.  In this blog, let’s look back in reflection and help you get to know some of the artists that have performed for us here a little better.

DJ Michael Collins

Anchor Inn Tiki Bar & Grill - DJ Michael CollinsA beautiful array of melodic genres is on order each Friday Night at the Anchor Inn.  We are so thankful for the talent of DJ Michael Collins who has been with us for quite a while.  This guy has a skill at working the turn-tables like very few that we have experienced.  Not only that, he’s a really fun dude to be around.  It is not uncommon to see him step out from the DJs booth and really get the party going with dance and humor.  You can learn more about DJ Mike and MBC Entertainment when you visit his website: https://www.mbcentertainment.com/

Connect on FB: https://www.facebook.com/MBC.Entertainment

DJ Arce

Anchor Inn Tiki Bar & Grille - DJ ArceDJ Arce is one cool cat.  Recently, he’s been bringing the heat on Ladies Night each Wednesday.  Not only is the Anchor Inn the place for music, but we have the best wings this side of the Mississippi!  Let me tell you though Wine and Wing Wednesday turns into a real party once DJ Arce is on deck.  Originally from the Bronx, we are happy to have him partying with us here in beautiful SoFlo!!!

Connect on FB: https://www.facebook.com/DJArceWPB

The Samantha Russell Band

Anchor Inn Tiki Bar & GrilleWhen we say the Anchor Inn is the place for music, The Samantha Russell Band comes to mind immediately.  This woman can sing some songs!  With a high energy show, The Samantha Russell Band has the crowd up out of their seats and dancing in the streets…literally!  You can learn more about Samantha and the boys on their website when you click here: https://www.samantharussell.com/

Connect on FB: https://www.facebook.com/SamanthaRussellMusic

The Holidazed

Anchor Inn - The HolidazedThe Anchor Inn maintains an island vibe and this band’s music fits right in.  Nick and his crew absolutely rocked the house.  This local band has a strong stage presence and they’re great at connecting with their fusion of reggae / funk / rock.  They put on a high energy show and really get the party going.  You can learn more about The Holidazed on their website at https://theholidazed.wixsite.com/theholidazed

Connect on FB: https://www.facebook.com/Holidazed

John Leonard Duo featuring Shaun Rosario

Anchor Inn - John Leonard Duo featuring Shaun RosarioMusic at the Anchor Inn is growing and these guys have been adding something wonderful to the mix.  John comes to us from Syracuse, NY and has been rocking the South Florida music scene for a while now.  Shaun brings formal musical training to the fore as he studies music performance at Berklee College of Music.  Together, these guys get those guitars and the crowd singing!

Connect with John on FB: https://www.facebook.com/john.leonard.1000469

Connect with Shaun on FB: https://www.facebook.com/shaun.rosario.980

Oliver Hanfmann Music

Anchor Inn - Oliver HanfmannMusic at the Anchor Inn helps to bring people together.  That means connecting at the places where we have common tastes and experiences.  We have been happy to have Oliver with us several times and he always brings a great show.  So, who is Oliver Hanfmann?

“Oliver Hanfmann is a musician from South FL. Utilizing a variety of instruments and his voice, he tells stories of glory, of loss, of turmoil and triumph, and of love and heartbreak; seeking to capture the highs and lows of the human experience in his art.”  

You can learn more about Oliver when you visit his website at https://www.oliverhanfmann.com/

Connect on with Oliver on FB: https://www.facebook.com/oliver.hanfmann

Fresh Musical Talent at the Anchor Inn

These are just some of the many folks involved in the South Florida music scene.  I would have liked to introduce many more to you, perhaps on a future blog post.  In the meantime, if you are a local musician or know of a local band or DJ that you would like to see perform at the Anchor Inn Tiki Bar & Grille, just send us an email with a link to some samples at gmlakesideanchorinn@yahoo.com.  We can’t guarantee a slot on the calendar, but we are always on the lookout for new talent!