Prime Rib & Cheddar

Written by Justin Gaynor

One liners are important, but they are only as good as the substance behind them.  You may have been hearing about The Anchor Inn offering “Fun Times, Great Drinks, and Delicious Food” for some time now.  What do we mean by that though?  Well, our regulars could tell you all about it, but if you have never been to The Anchor, or you’ve only stopped in a couple times I’ll try and paint a helpful picture here to give you a good visual.

Fun Times

The Anchor Inn is always a fun spot to meet up with friends for dinner and drinks.” says one of our guests via their recent Google review.  One thing that is often mentioned is the rustic, old Florida vibes that accompany fresh water views.  The Anchor is “THEEE” bar and restaurant for the local boating, water-skiing / wakeboarding / knee-boarding, and fresh water fishing community.  Coming in off the water after a day of fun in the sun, locals enjoy the most reasonably priced drinks in town and great food while they listen to live music and DJs brought in regularly by The Anchor Music.  

The Anchor Inn Tiki Bar & Grille - The Anchor Music - DJ Mike Collins - MBC EntertainmentWe love to offer great entertainment to our guests and there’s never a cover or ticket charge.  In addition, folks can play a game of pool, chat with neighbors and visitors, and watch their favorite sports on our giant screen TVs.  Glenn Alvarez highlights some of his favorite aspects in his recent review: “Live band, courteous fast service, friendly”….”outdoor atmosphere”…”on the lake, always busy weekends, happy hour half price on all beverages and alcohol beverages as well till 7:00 pm. Then the fun and music and dancing begins!”  

Lakeside Anchor Inn Tiki Bar & Grille - DJ ArceWe are thankful for all of you who take the time to write a review for us.  You have no idea how much your kind words encourage us and your feedback helps us grow as a local business.

Great Drinks

Jugs have been discovered by archeologists dating back to the Neolithic period (The Stone Age) that indicate humans have been fermenting adult beverages for thousands upon thousands of years.  Some things never change, we love to party!!!  

Sunday Funday - Lakeside Anchor Inn Tiki Bar & GrilleA lot has changed since Fred and Barney were making shine in the caves on the outskirts of Bedrock.  At The Anchor, we offer some of the tastiest local microbrews produced by companies like Due South Brewery and Funky Buddha.  We also bring you pure spirits produced right here in Florida such as our Monkey In Paradise Vodka, Double Gold’s “BEST VODKA”.  

Our full liquor bar and talented bartenders…I don’t just say that…one of our regulars, Mimi, recently wrote in a review, “Truly a great neighborhood restaurant and Bar. Swing by and see the best bartender you’ll ever meet, Jessica! My family and I have been coming to this place for years… and every single time we’re there Jessica greets us with big smile and she makes us feel like family! This place is definitely worth a visit… make sure to see Jess… SHE ROCKS!”…yep! They are steadily mixing up the tastiest concoctions in South Florida! 

Of course, being a tiki bar, we do have some cocktails that we’ve gotten REALLY good at, such as our signature Mai Tai and our Margarita-On -The-Rocks (those are AMAZING on Taco Tuesday where you get $2 gourmet tacos as well!).  In all of this, we want to see everyone have a great time that you can think back on with fondness and then keep coming back to hang out with us, so we strongly encourage everyone to drink responsibly.

Delicious Food

Let’s be honest, this is where the rubber meets the road.  I have shared in previous posts about the extent that Rob and Gabby have gone to in order to source the highest quality ingredients.  Here I want to talk about how those ingredients come together to be transformed into the amazing appetizers, entrees, and specials we serve at The Anchor.

One of our patrons, Malissa Durkee recently wrote, “This place is amazing! The owner is amazing and very kind.  The seafood macaroni and cheese is to die for.  It is one of the best that I’ve ever had!”  The seafood macaroni and cheese that she mentioned includes the freshest scallops, tender shrimp, and…mmm…lobster meat, all tossed in our special (Top Secret) cheese sauce and served atop penne pasta cooked perfectly al dente.

Our appetizers have been getting a lot of attention as well.  Theresa Willman recently raved about our flash-fried calamari and marinara, “Calamari was very good. Probably the best calamari I’ve found anywhere.”  Wow…what an endorsement!

The Anchor Inn Tiki Bar & Grille - Flatbread FridaysOf course, The Anchor is known for the tremendous value we offer as well.  Our Happy Hour appetizer menu offers an assortment of some of our tastiest snacks for only $7 each!  On this menu you will find our Famous Anchor Wings, Quesadillas, and more!

Now occasionally, we like to get creative in the kitchen…especially when we come across something special in our ongoing search for the freshest seafood, meats, and vegetables.  Some of our most popular have been our Lobster Ravioli in Creamy Seafood Béchamel Sauce and our Fresh Paella, a Spanish dish from Valencia made with fresh shrimp, chicken, mussels, and sausage served atop saffron rice with green peas.  So delicious!

Fresh Paella - Lakeside Anchor InnAll that being said, when we talk about The Anchor being a local’s home away from home for fun times, great drinks, and delicious food…that is a taste of the goodness we are referring to!