Decompress From Your Stress At Lakeside Anchor Inn

Here’s something that you probably already know: Americans are stressed out. Here’s something that you probably didn’t know (but wouldn’t surprise you): some 8 out of 10 Americans are afflicted by stress according to a December 2017 poll conducted by Gallup News. That poll may be slightly outdated now that we’re well into 2019 at this point, but we’re willing to wager that the average stress level in American adults probably hasn’t gotten any lower.

Relaxation 101: Stop By Our Seafood Restaurant And Bar Near West Palm Beach

Being that most Americans are bringing home a lot of stress from work, relationships, family struggles, financial concerns, or a myriad of other factors, the main point of our post couldn’t be any more valid: people need to relax and take their mind off of their concerns.

Of course, we’re oversimplifying and generalizing people’s unique and often-complicated issues. By no means do we mean to downplay what’s going on in anyone’s life. It’s merely our intention to provide folks around Lantana, Lake Worth, Hypoluxo, and greater West Palm Beach area with a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Whether that’s with the help of some great live music, amazing appetizers, Florida’s best happy hour or through a stimulating conversation, Lakeside Anchor Inn is happy to help you in any way that we can.

We understand that even our most committed regulars can’t always make it in, so here are a few practical ways to alleviate your stress and live your best life.

Light A Candle

The mood lighting that a candle provides is often very comforting, and the aromas that waft from your candle can also be quite soothing — especially lavender. Burning incense is also a great way to relax and shift your mood once you’re home, as is using an essential oil diffuser.

Slow Down Your Coffee Intake

Caffeine is known to exacerbate those with anxiety, be it chronic or situational anxiety. If your mind is racing after a couple cups of coffee, it may be a good idea to put down the mug and opt for herbal tea or even just plain ol’ water. Anxiety is often correlated with stress, so anything that you can do to alleviate your anxiety should also help alleviate your stress.

Chew Gum

Putting a stick of gum into your mouth isn’t a magical cure-all for stress or anxiety, but there are some studies out there that suggest chewing gum has a few positive benefits. For one, chewing gum can help promote blood flow to your brain, helping you think more clearly. The study also suggested that those who chewed gum had a greater sense of wellbeing and lower overall stress levels, but like anything, take this information with a grain of salt.

Talk About It

Sometimes, talking about your day is the best way to get it out of your system. Emotions, along with stress, should never be bottled up.

Stop By Lakeside Anchor Inn!

No matter what your day was like, know that our restaurant and tiki bar near West Palm Beach will always be here to lift your spirits. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.