Written by Justin Gaynor

Waking up in South Florida with the windows open and that southern breeze bouncing up from the cool surface of the fresh-water lakes and canals is truly refreshing.  There are at least three things about #LAKELIFE that refresh the soul.  First, the people are spectacular as we all share a laid back vibe with an island flavor.  Almost bohemian.  Next, is the symphony of experiences for the senses.  From the kaleidoscopic sunsets to the wildlife darting here and there while we happily observe #LAKELIFE is amazing.  Finally, there’s the awesome food and drinks at the Anchor Inn Tiki Bar and Grille that gladden our hearts and nourish our sense of joy as we dance and enjoy great music and friendly neighbors together.

Anchor Inn Culture

The culture at the Anchor Inn is steeped in fun times, great drinks, and delicious food.  Culture is an interesting thing.  I often finish my morning activities and walk over to the tiki where I usually find one of the sweet barmaids or kindly barmen with a big smile feeding the cats that call the place home (I don’t think any of them have six toes like Hemingway’s cats, but it is still quite charming).

With a gentle voice my server greets me with a menu in hand and some drink special or other to enjoy with my lunch.  As I look out from the tiki, I see three local guys that I met recently driving wave-runners and enjoying the Florida life.  Soon, there are entertainers setting things up for karaoke night or some other live entertainment that Rob Delcorio, the manager, has invited to help provide a great time for patrons.

Rob peaks his head out of the office to meet with a vendor and strolls over to give me a fist bump and see how things are with me.  We chat for a little while about business, NFL, and this or that after he wraps things up with the vendor.  Then my tacos arrive.  Did I mention the Anchor Inn has an amazing Taco Tuesday?  Crispy fried gator tail, fresh shrimp, and steak tacos are set in front of me by Katie, my usually Taco Tuesday server.  She smiles as she refreshes my beverage and then she is off to tend to some other task.  Anchor Inn culture is one of local, relaxed southern hospitality with an island vibe.

The Anchor Inn Experience

Within the culture are the Anchor Inn experiences that make #LAKELIFE so special.  Visually speaking, and most people are very visual, there is so much beauty to be enjoyed it’s almost overwhelming.  From the glimmering blue fresh-water lake that the restaurant overlooks to the textures and feel of Polynesian island life within the enormous tiki hut that hosts such joyful times each and every day.  

Next, the sounds of large-mouth bass breaking the surface of the lake and the many species of birds that make their home on one of the little islands in the middle of the lake offer natural enjoyment.  Then there is the classic rock, reggae, and other genres of music that come in from the local music scene to entertain guests.  People like DJ Mike or The Samantha Russell Band that regularly draw in huge crowds to enjoy the Anchor Inn experience.

I would be doing you a dis-service if I didn’t mention the flavors of the Anchor Inn experience.  The extensive menu offers a variety of surf and turf options.  The Oysters Rockafeller or an order of their famous Honey-Garlic Chicken Wings is a great way to get things started.  As far as entrees, the Seafood Mac & Cheese offers a creamy, rich meal that is so satisfying.  If you are more of a meat and potatoes person, the 14 oz. New York Strip is cooked to your temperature with its tender, supple texture being an absolute delight to the most discerning carnivore.

The Anchor Inn sets forth a riot of tactile experiences as well.  Comfortable seating inside the tiki includes space at the hardwood bar, one of the high-top tables, or you can gather at the picnic tables in the lush green lawn right on the water.  Do you enjoy a more formal seafood dining experience?  The Anchor Inn has you covered with an elegant, cool indoor dining room that has huge picture windows so you can enjoy the view.  

Finally, the Anchor Inn experience offers the scents of a tropical vacation.  As Zac Brown sings in his song, “Toes”:

“’Cause my bartender, she’s from the islands

Her body’s been kissed by the sun

And coconut replaces the smell of the bar

And I don’t know if it’s her or the Rum”

This is, of course, not to mention the smells of all the delicious entrees continuously passing by in the hands of the attentive servers.  With each pass, they will have you thinking, “Mmmm..WOW that smells good…I’m going to have to try that next time…”

Food and Drink Specials

With one of the best values in Palm Beach, the Anchor Inn Happy Hour offers tremendous food and drinks specials.  Happy Hour is offered Monday through Saturday from 4pm – 7pm.  This gives plenty of time to enjoy the great food and drinks before the live entertainment starts.  Whether dancing to your favorite local DJ or blowing your friends away with your Karaoke Superstar talent, you will be well fed and feeling good!  Happy Hour food has some savory choices like Nachos, Gator Bites, Big Dog Pretzel, Cheese Quesadillas, Calamari, and more for only $7.  Get your beer half off during Happy Hour, or grab a bucket of domestic or imports for $10 or $15, respectively. 

This is #LAKELIFE discovered.  Stop in today and see for yourself…

Anchor Inn Tiki Bar and Grille

“A Local’s Home Away From Home”

2412 Floral Rd., Lantana, FL 33462

Please drink responsibly….