The standard (but somehow not-so-typical) American work week tends to feel a whole lot longer than 40 hours. Unless you’ve had your six cups of joe by noon, those minutes are going to feel like hours. And those hours? Well, you might as well just bring a pillow and blanket and nap under your desk. 

But work isn’t always doom and gloom. At least, your time after work doesn’t have to be reminiscent of the week you’ve just had. At Lakeside Anchor Inn, we pride ourselves in providing nearby Lantana and West Palm Beach residents with a great place to relax, unwind, and catch up with friends and family. 

Our Tiki Bar And Seafood Restaurant In West Palm Beach: Your Go-To Hangout!

Whether you’re trying to catch the latest game on several big screens or the idea of a “bucket of beer” intrigues you, we’re here to remind you that, yes, life can be very enjoyable — especially when you’re living it in the moment with us. 

To help you decompress and chill out after a stressful week at work, keep reading below for some of the things that we like to do in our free time. 

The Best Ways To Spend Time After Work

Get A Massage

No matter how tough or stressful life gets, getting a massage always works wonders. You’ll immediately get transported to your “zen” place the moment your masseuse digs into your skin, and that’s when you’ll be hit with the realization of “Yeah, I deserve this.” 

Go To A Happy Hour With Your Co-Workers

If you’re cool with some of your co-workers (not everyone is management, after all), a great way to decompress and vent your frustrations is by simply grabbing a drink with them after work. We recommend taking advantage of our great food happy hour deals as well, because you might start to get irrational as you’re venting on an empty stomach. We’re just saying. 

Go On A Retail Therapy Spree

Be warned; retail therapy is a dangerous game. It’s easy to rack up hundreds of dollars on items that you don’t really need, only to realize that you still have bills that you actually need to pay. But if you’ve had something on your mind, maybe a sweet pair of shoes, we’d be lying if we said that it doesn’t feel good to purchase them. 

Treat Your Spouse Or Family To A Nice Meal

All of you family folks work hard out there, but they work hard in returning their love to you. This is something that can’t be quantified, but you can express your appreciation for the loved ones in your life by taking them out to a nice meal. Plus, eating away your problems is arguably more effective than retail therapy, so this post-work-week decompression session is a nice win/win. 

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