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Chances are, your idea of a perfect day varies greatly from what someone else views as a perfect day. Maybe you feel gratified from a day spent getting things done in the way of running errands, organizing your closet, and taking the dog for a long walk. Perhaps you’re the exact opposite and enjoyed a day spent doing as little as possible, with the exception of lifting a glass to your lips, is about as good as it gets.

The Perfect Day For A Lakeside Restaurant

The latter example, admittedly, more closely aligns with our laid-back values here at Lakeside Anchor Inn, but rest assured, our seafood restaurant and tiki bar in Lantana is here to serve all personality types in the area. Whether you’re more concerned with accomplishment or a little R&R, the beauty of serving the greater West Palm Beach community is that no matter your situation or what your day was like, we’re all here to have a great time.

Lakeside Anchor Inn does our part by offering:

  • The best happy hour in Lantana (home of the five dollar double!)
  • The best football specials, viewing areas, and other rotating weekly drink specials.
  • An extensive menu with all-star entrees and our signature raw oyster bar.
  • Live music and other weekly events from local talent.
  • Our fun tiki bar atmosphere or more family-friendly inside dining.
  • Beautiful lakeside views!

Of course, it’s ultimately up to you as to how you’d like to spend a day off, but we’re confident that our food, drinks, and upbeat environment offer an unbeatable time. Here’s some perfect day inspiration from us.

Calling Sick Into Work

Sometimes, the best days off that we have are the ones that are unplanned. While Saturdays and Sundays can go unappreciated, knowing that you can collapse back on your pillow and snooze for a couple (or several) more hours without any consequences is, no doubt, an amazing feeling. So long as you don’t have any other obligations for the day (other than work), you can breathe easy knowing that there’s nothing to do.

Enjoying A Day At The Beach With Your Family

We all need some alone time here and there, but time spent connecting with family members is also very important. Sometimes, the best way to spend a personal day is to share it with the people that you love in your life. Why not take the perfect people to the perfect spot and head over to one of our many local beaches? Whether you’re there for a couple hours of tanning (wear some sunscreen!) or you’re building the greatest network of sandcastles in the history of oceanfront architecture, we’re sure that you’ll cherish this special time.

Watching The Big Game

There’s nothing quite like football to help bring people together. Your favorite team’s win is nothing shy of a personal win!

Stop On By Lakeside Anchor Inn Restaurant And Bar Today!

Life is too short not to enjoy each day. Take advantage of our killer drink deals, entrees, and friendly atmosphere by heading down to Lakeside Anchor Inn. We’ll see you soon!

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