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As the pandemic continues, we can’t help but ask ourselves if things will begin to get back to normal. With vacations and other activities being put on hold and social distancing guidelines still in place, will we be able to at least enjoy the 2020 football Season? 

In today’s post, we are going to discuss if and when the 2020 football season will start as well as where you can find the best football specials in Lantana Beach. Continue reading to learn more and when you are ready to enjoy drink and food specials in a relaxing, fun atmosphere, come to the Lakeside Anchor Inn. We have football specials during every live game and plenty of large tv’s for you to watch the big game. Make a reservation today or order takeout or delivery while you watch the game at home. 

Will There Be a 2020 Football Season?

Yes! While the pandemic has postponed the beginning of the NFL season, it will soon begin. The NFL Players Association agreed to cancel the 2020 preseason this year to keep players, coaches, fans, and everyone else involved safe and healthy. Training camps also worked a bit differently, putting off full-contact practices while players reached their individual conditioning goals. However, even in the midst of a pandemic, there will indeed be a 2020 football season. As the season begins, there will be many new health and safety precautions put into place to keep players, fans, and everyone involved safe. 

When Will the 2020 Football Season Begin?

The 2020 football season is scheduled to begin on September 10, 2020. While there will be no preseason this year, the season will begin traditionally with a Thursday night game hosted by the defending superbowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. During this game, they will play against the Houston Texans.

There are 13 more NFL games scheduled for that Sunday, September 13th. All of Florida’s teams — the Dolphins, Jaguars, and Buccaneers are scheduled to play sometime on Sunday. 

Football Specials at the Lakeside Anchor Inn

If you are searching for the best football specials in Lantana Beach, look no further than the Lakeside Anchor Inn. We have beer, liquor, and food specials during every live game. We have indoor seating at our massive sports bar and plenty of outdoor seating at our tiki bar. While we are limiting our seating due to COVID restrictions in an effort to keep our staff and customers safe, you can always call ahead and make a reservation to ensure seating is available when you arrive. 

Stop In During the Big Game

While the pandemic has put a lot of our plans on hold, enjoying the 2020 football season will not be one of them. In no time at all, we’ll be watching the kickoff of the 2020 NFL season at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium. Whether you are excited to watch the opening game or are going to wait until Sunday when your favorite Florida football team is playing, you can find great specials at the Lakeside Anchor Inn. Or, if you would rather watch the big game at home, you can order takeout or delivery from your favorite lakeside restaurant to enjoy during the game. Call today to make a reservation for dine-in or order takeout or delivery.