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Americans love their alcohol. Actually, scratch that. People around the world love their boozy fix, and hey, who could blame them? Though there are plenty of healthier ways to de-stress after a crazy week at work, there aren’t many better ways to put the past where it belongs: behind you. 

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At Lakeside Anchor Inn here in Lantana, just off of Lake Osborne, we’re proud to be the go-to spot for locals and visitors alike to come and hang out, grab a drink (or two), and enjoy delicious food, great people, and great times. From the big game on our even bigger screens to moving your hips to some live music, there’s always a good time to be had at our tiki bar near West Palm Beach

We serve an impressive array of drinks, and that’s something we pride ourselves on. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a brief look at several types of alcohol and how they slightly differ from one another. Who knows, maybe you’ll be willing to give something another try after a bad experience. Let’s get started! 

Finding The Right Type Of Booze For You


If you’re counting calories and looking to drink as “clean” as possible (note: alcohol is, quite literally, poison), we recommend sticking to vodka with seltzer water or carbonated water that’s calorie-free. This is your go-to “skinny gal” drink, and though it’s not big in the flavor department, it’s a fantastic way to get your buzz on without tacking those pounds on. 


Simply put, tequila is ideal if you’re looking to have a wild, no-holds-barred night full of debauchery. Often referred to as the “stimulant” of hard alcohol, tequila shots, margaritas and palomas almost certainly guarantee a fun time and a crappy morning. If you’re going out to dance, it’s hard to go wrong with tequila. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. 


Rum is the king of all hangovers due to its excessive sugar content. While all alcohol contains (and is) sugar, rum is known to contain the most sugar. When you mix it in a sweet pina colada, you’re really asking for a boozy, sugary overload. But if you’re feeling tropical or don’t have much to do the next day, rum can be quite nice. 


Many vodka drinkers will tell you that gin is gross, but the truth is that they probably haven’t had a decent gin drink. Order a gin and tonic sometime and don’t get the wells. A proper gin is floral, aromatic, and refreshing. It also mixes very well with ginger beer. 


Whiskey is great whether it’s consumed on the rocks, in a mixed drink, or even straight. The whiskey spectrum varies widely, so make sure you’re drinking a decent whiskey. Compared to, say, tequila, whiskey is known to make people a little more sleepy. We don’t recommend pre-gaming with it, but rather, winding down at night with a glass. 

For those who are more dignified, scotch and brandy get a shoutout. 

Choose Lakeside Anchor Inn As Your Bar Near West Palm Beach! 

Regardless of which hard alcohol you choose (or beer or wine), there’s something for everyone at our tiki bar. We’ll see you soon! 

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