America is stressed out. There’s no doubt about it; countless Americans are afraid to go to work for fear of eventually losing their minds, getting yelled at by their boss, and increasing the number of knots in their back. This stressful existence is no way to live, but the unfortunate reality is that…this is the reality.

Our Tiki Bar In West Palm Beach: Your Ticket To Stress Relief

At Lakeside Anchor Inn, we do our best to serve Lantana, West Palm Beach, and other surrounding areas with a no-stress, enjoyment-only environment. We know that locals and even visitors come to our waterside seafood restaurant and tiki bar to relax, blow off some steam, and chat with strangers while watching the big game with a margarita in-hand. We know this very well, and we really appreciate that these folks choose Lakeside Anchor Inn as their go-to de-stressing establishment.

Remember, however, that you certainly don’t have to visit us just to get your daily dose of sanity. Here are several other relaxing, soothing, and de-stressing things that we use all of the time.

Surefire Ways To Relax And De-Stress

Writing It Down

Journaling your thoughts and feelings is an effective way to express what’s going on inside of you, especially if you don’t feel like talking to a trusted friend about something. It’s unhealthy to bottle your stress and negative emotions, so you’ll feel better by letting them out through journaling.

If you’d rather express yourself verbally, talking it over with a trusted friend is also a great way to vent and let them know what’s been bothering you.  

Long Walks On The Beach

As painfully cliche as this is, a long walk on the beach is sure to make you feel better if you’re wigging out. The ocean’s tide has a wonderful, natural calming effect as you walk alongside it, and you’ll also great incredible sunset views if you head out near the end of the day.

Given how accessible the beach is for us, you’d be remiss to not take advantage of such a lovely natural resource.

Mowing The Lawn

Taking care of your grass may not be your ideal version of “fun,” but there’s something really cathartic about a simple job well-done. Not only does fresh-cut grass smell amazing, but you’ll burn a few calories in the process. This is a great time to sift through those unhealthy thoughts in your mind and release them into the grass. Then, mow over them.

Taking A Second To Smell The Flowers

Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s a great time to go on a leisurely stroll and stop to smell the flowers. This cliche really has a lot of truth to it; stopping to smell the flowers really forces you to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. Plus, fresh flowers smell great.

Relax And Unwind At Our Tiki Bar In West Palm Beach

When all else fails and you need a well-mixed drink, awesome food, and great company to boot, know that Lakeside Anchor Inn is here for you. Drop by today.

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