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Some days are better than others. Maybe your Monday morning went surprisingly well; the traffic on your commute wasn’t too bad, the weather was fair, and your boss was graciously lenient. Conversely, perhaps your Friday before a big four-day weekend was spent getting yelled at, honked at, and rained on.

Come Have A Good Time At Our Restaurant And Tiki Bar Near West Palm Beach

The truth is, you can’t entirely control what happens on any given day. All you can really do is prepare for the worst and react to what life throws at you. The good news is that whether you’ve had a stellar day or the worst day of all time, Lakeside Anchor Inn is here to celebrate (or commiserate) with you.

Our tiki bar and seafood restaurant near West Palm Beach is here to provide you with the best happy hour deals, football specials, local events, and food right here in Florida. Regardless of the kind of day you’ve had, you can always trust that a visit to us means fun and relaxation!

Here are several other things that tend to brighten our days — they’re sure to brighten yours, too.

Things That Turn Your Day Around

When Someone Lets You Turn In During Rush Hour Traffic

Sitting in traffic is no fun, to be sure. It’s the little things that make your traffic-laden commute just a little bit better, such as listening to your favorite radio host, making a green light, or getting waved in by another driver when you’re making a turn. There’s nothing worse than waiting to turn and seeing an endless line of cars drive past you, so having that one nice person wave you in can really make a big difference.

When Someone Brings In Food Or Drinks To The Office

Even the worst days at work can be vastly improved with some breakfast from Chick-fil-A or a tall iced coffee from Starbucks. You might be sitting down at your desk, wrapping your head around a big project, with nothing but a crumbling granola bar and some black coffee to get you through the morning. The thoughtfulness of your coworker makes all the difference in making your morning better, along with the extra boost of caffeine and sustenance.

When Your Dog Cheers You Up

Coming home when you’re exhausted and defeated from a long, mentally draining day can only be remedied by the friendly, familiar presence of your pup. Their unconditional and unwavering love, expressed by countless licks and wags of their tail, serves as therapy for you. The world truly doesn’t deserve dogs, but we’re glad to have them in our lives.

When You Stop By Our Lakeside Tiki Bar And Restaurant For A Drink And Some Grub

At the end of the day, nothing beats some delicious food and tasty libations when you’ve had a long one. Whether you’re hangry (hungry and angry), thirsty, feeling social, or just want to catch the big game on an even bigger screen, we have you covered. To learn more about why Lakeside Anchor Inn is the place to be, please visit here.

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