Visit Our West Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant To Do Anything Other Than Work

If your work tends to follow you home outside of your stressful office job, don’t be ashamed. Countless Americans are workhorses, spending way more than the standard 40 hours a week working their lives away. In all honesty, it’s pretty normal to be a workaholic these days.

Now, just because working overtime is the norm doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s okay. There’s a time when working hard is appropriate, and a time when kicking back with a piña colada and watching the Dolphins go for victory is appropriate. Perhaps you’ve adopted the “work hard, play hard” mentality that many millennials tend to build their lives around. Hey, so long as you’re having fun and enjoying the one life you get to live, then we’re fine with it.

Our West Palm Beach Restaurant And Tiki Bar: No Business Allowed!

But your workaholic tendencies are permitted by our West Palm Beach restaurant under the condition that you’re not doing any work when you’re hanging out with us. Yes, that means not checking any emails, listening to voicemails, calling people back, or even texting about anything business-related. Sure, take a video on Snapchat and send it to your buddies, but make sure that it has nothing to do with what’s going on around the office.

Of course, these are only strong suggestions, as you’re more than welcome to do whatever you’d like (so long as you’re a respectful customer). Here are several things that you’d probably (or hopefully) rather be doing than working away all hours of the day.

Completing Your DIY Project At Home

At one point, you were completely enamored with your DIY aspirations. Since then, a major project at work has consumed a lot of your free time, but we know that you still have an aching desire deep down to finish your current project (and start another one).

Chilling Out On The Beach With Zero Obligations

Here in Palm Beach County, us locals live so close to the beach — yet, many of us rarely actually make it down there. What’s the point of living somewhere coastal if you can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of hanging out by the ocean? Whether you’re up for some surfing or wakeboarding or you just want to drink rum and build sand castles like a not-so-grown-up grown-up, we encourage you to take the day off and do just that.

Riding Your Bike

Our bike path network isn’t half bad here in South Florida. But it does no good if your bike sits there and collects dust in the garage. Enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures and get out there on your bicycle.

Jamming On Your Instruments

Not unlike your bike, your musical instruments will also collect dust over time if they remain unused. Get some buddies over, grab some beers, and get grooving.

Eat, Drink, And Relax At Lakeside Anchor Inn

Life is simply too short to throw it all away by working. Take it easy and have a great time by dropping by our seafood restaurant and sports bar near West Palm Beach today!

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