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The ocean has a special calming effect on people. Of course, we know that very well, being that Lakeside Anchor Inn is located just south of West Palm Beach, right off of the south-central Florida coast. It’s hardly any secret as to why people enjoy going to the beach, but the science behind the ocean’s calming effects goes a little bit deeper than “the water is pretty.”

And while there are many different ways to spend your time at the beach, the simple truth is that most folks go there to relax and do as little as possible. As a tiki bar and seafood restaurant near the ocean that values fun, rest, and relaxation, let us say that we completely support taking it easy. In fact, that’s what we’re best at doing.

The Appeal Of Dining At A Restaurant On The Water

Life is too short to eat at bland, no-frills restaurants with eggshell-white walls serving as your dinnertime views. Lakeside Anchor Inn prides ourself on our — you guessed it — lakeside location, only a few minutes away from the coastline. Here are a few great reasons why waterside dining, be it next to a lake, river, or an ocean, is the way to go.

You Know That Your Seafood Is As Fresh As It Gets

As long as you’re close to an ocean, you know that your seafood is quite fresh. If anything, what’s on your plate was probably swimming around in the ocean earlier that day. In the age of farm-to-table meals where folks care more about where their food is coming from, near-the-ocean dining takes the guessing out of the equation.

You Can Eat Outside

Calm, sunny days vastly outweigh stormy days down here in Lantana. We love our beautiful, South Florida weather, and that’s one of many reasons why Lakeside Anchor Inn has set up shop here. While you can eat outside on the patio at just about any establishment around the world, it just makes more sense to dine outside right next to a body of water. It’s hard to explain, but trust us, it’s just better.

Your Views Aren’t Terrible

Your table side views at Subway or Golden Corral are going to be pretty crappy. When your primary visual points of interest consist of someone chewing their food, you know that you’re dining at the wrong establishment.

But sitting lakeside, watching the sun set over the horizon? That’s pretty hard to beat in terms of tableside views. Dining on the actual ocean is certainly nice, too, but let’s be honest: pure ocean side dining tends to be very expensive. Dining on a pier is a once-and-awhile type of affair, whereas hanging out at Lakeside Anchor Inn won’t break your wallet.

Dine In At Our West Palm Beach Tiki Bar And Restaurant Today!

What are you waiting for? Life is short. Food is meant to be savored, and beautiful landscapes are meant to be appreciated. Get the best of all worlds — we’ll see you soon at Lakeside Anchor Inn.

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