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They say that when you love what you do, work doesn’t really feel like work — at least, not in the conventional sense. When work is enjoyable, motivating, and downright fun, it becomes much less than a chore and more like something that we really want to do. Well, for the good folks at Lakeside Anchor Inn, that describes our employment situation. 

At our seafood restaurant and tiki bar near West Palm Beach, we truly love what we do because it’s rewarding. In short, we’re putting smiles on people’s faces by bringing them expertly crafted drinks and delicious seafood. It’s simple and it doesn’t get much better than that. Who couldn’t appreciate a tasty meal and a refreshing, hard-earned drink after a long week? 

Here are some of the many things that we have the privilege of doing every week:

Cheering With You

Whether you’re a Dolphins fan, a Jaguars fan, or a Tampa Bay fan, any Floridian can admit that it’s pretty cool to have three NFL teams in their home state. When you’re here on gameday, you can always trust that we’re airing the big game and offering epic drink specials to boot! 

Celebrating With You

Throughout our time as your local bar, we’ve seen our fair share of wins and celebrations. Our fun and lively atmosphere makes for a great spot to celebrate your accomplishments and we’re more than proud to be even a small part of your greater celebration. 

Feeding You

Everyone needs a good meal, especially if life’s been tough. What better way to rest and relax than with a full stomach? 

Keeping You Sane

So long as you’re drinking responsibly (and not driving whatsoever), the booze flows freely at Lakeside Anchor Inn! 

We’ll See You Soon!

For a restaurant dining experience and tiki bar atmosphere that you won’t soon forget, know that the team at Lakeside Anchor Inn is always here for you. Check out our menu and drink specials and stop by today!

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