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If you’ve ever been to a tiki bar, you are sure to remember the light, fun, and energetic atmosphere. Tiki bars typically have great drink specials, a fantastic menu featuring some of the local seafood, a laid back but fun environment, and exciting events for you to partake in. A night out at a tiki bar with friends makes for a memorable one. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some of the things that make a tiki bar, a great tiki bar. It’s not enough to just have a few decorations and to serve your drinks with a little umbrella, but a great tiki bar will also make you feel like you’re at home.

Continue reading to learn more, and if you are searching for the best tiki bar in Lantana Beach, look no further. Enjoy a night out with friends or family at the Lakeside Anchor Inn. We are currently open for takeout, delivery, and dine-in! View our menu, weekly specials, and happy hour menu. Come visit us today!

Drink Specials

A tiki bar wouldn’t be such a great place to hang out if there weren’t drink specials. Whether you enjoy fruity drinks with umbrellas, beer by the pitcher, or some shots to get the night started, a great tiki bar will feature specials for drinks of all kinds. 

At the Lakeside Anchor Inn, we have a daily happy hour Monday through Friday from 4pm-7pm. That’s three whole hours of drink specials including our $5 doubles! We also run drink specials all week long for the wine drinkers, the tequila lovers, and for those who prefer their drink served with a tiny umbrella. 

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of a tiki bar is a huge part of what makes it a tiki bar. The atmosphere is light and fun. The bartenders, servers, and hosts make every one of their guests feel welcome and comfortable. When you are at a tiki bar, you will feel like you’re home, but with better service and more friends. 

At the Lakeside Anchor Inn, we have a staff of friendly and hospitable servers, bartenders, hosts, and more that will make you feel at home. Our staff is professional and will anticipate your every need all while helping to create the light, fun atmosphere that you’ve come to love.

The Menu

You expect a tiki bar to have a menu of delicious appetizers and hors d’oeuvres to enjoy while you are sipping on your drink. And based upon the usual proximity to the ocean of a tiki bar, you want a menu that features a lot of local seafood, but one that also has choices for everyone in your group. 

The Lakeside Anchor Inn has a menu that has an extensive appetizer section. We have a raw bar featuring local seafood, burgers, chicken, steak, and plenty of other dishes so that there is something for everyone.

Fun Events

A bar can have a million tiki-style decorations and serve drinks with umbrellas all night, but they aren’t truly a great tiki bar if they don’t host any fun events. Sure, sitting at the bar having a drink sounds relaxing, but it doesn’t turn into a party until someone is singing karaoke or you’re competing against the other bar-goers in a trivia game. 

When you visit the Lakeside Anchor Inn, be sure to check out our weekly events and specials. We have karaoke on Tuesday nights and trivia on Thursdays. We also pair our events with drink and food specials such as half-priced wings and wine or taco specials. 

The Location

To be a great tiki bar, the bar should be in close proximity to the beach. The sandy beach and salty spray from the ocean help create the perfect environment for a tiki bar. Where else would you rather be while enjoying your Monkey in Paradise drink, daiquiri, or a few shots of tequila? 

At the Lakeside Anchor Inn, we are located in Lantana Beach, just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. We have an outdoor bar or indoor seating, so you can choose wherever you feel more comfortable. When you visit us, you’ll know you’re at the best tiki bar in West Palm Beach. 

Visit The Best Tiki Bar in Lantana Beach

If you are searching for a tiki bar with a fun, inviting atmosphere with fantastic drink and food specials, look no further than the Lakeside Anchor Inn. Located in Lantana Beach, we are just minutes away from the ocean and really know how to pull off the tiki bar vibe. Come in and join us for happy hour, Wednesday night karaoke, or for the best football specials in Lantana. Take a look at our menu, our happy hour specials, our weekly events, and visit us today. We are open for takeout, delivery, and dine-in!