It’s no secret that us Floridians are picky about our food. As the premier lakeside surf and turf restaurant in Lantana, we know what it takes to find good flavor, even in places those up north might not dare to look. We’ll look a gator dead in the eye and say, “you’re gonna be my dinner.” Okay, maybe we won’t do that. After all, we want to be alive to enjoy our delicious food. All we’re trying to say is that at Lakeside Anchor Inn, we know flavor and we know what it takes to please even the most discerning of palates. Browse our menu and see what our seafood restaurant in Lantana has to offer you. We’re sure that by the time you’re done, your mouth will be watering and you’ll be on your way to pay us a visit.  And if you want to stay in and enjoy our food please contact Delivery Dudes at (561) 674-9114 or online at